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Zone Therapy
Reflexology by Charbec

'As a reflexologist and holistic facialist I seek to leave my clients mentally happier and physically rejuvenated. I believe self-love is the most important quality of all and every one of us needs to look after ourselves better in this hectic world. My healing treatments help to balance the body and mind as well as making skin look healthier'.

Charbec suffered with a serious digestive disorder for many years and came across reflexology as a method for improving her symptoms. After a few sessions she was amazed at the difference it made and wanted to help others in a similar way. She qualified in foot reflexology and continued her training in facial reflexology (Bergman method) and now offers the award winning 'Zone face lift' which is a holistic facelift and the worlds first spiritual facial, using crystals, acupressure tools and Japanese facial massage technique. Her goal is to encourage women and men to look to a more holistic approach for anti-ageing measures and she hopes to leave her clients mentally happier than before they arrived. The products used in the treatments are by De Mamiel which are organic, vegan and cruelty free.

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

~ Maya Angelou

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