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Zone Therapy

The Anti-Gravity facial is a workout for the face - releasing tension in the facial muscles. There are over 40 muscles in the face and the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and sculpted they become. We hold a lot of tension in our faces (especially the jaw area) and massage is the perfect way to soften the face and stop it from appearing too harsh. Stiffness in the face often indicates that the lymph flow is not working efficiently, preventing all the toxins from being drained and causing the skin to swell of sag. By applying pressure to the face, tension can be massaged away as well as promoting lymphatic flow.

The Treatment

This treatment will begin with a facial using organic de Mamiel products and hot towels to cleanse and exfoliate. An organic oil suited for your specific skin type will be used for the relaxing, renewing and uplifting Anti-Gravity treatment which includes facial massage, Gua Sha using a Jade tool as well as crystals and acupressure rollers. The oil will be removed with a hot towel and then toner will be applied to rebalance the pH level in the skin as well as the application of eye serum and a hydrating moisturiser. An Indian Head Masaage will complete this treatment. Please note it is possible to have 10 minutes of key foot or facial reflexology in the treatment - please request when booking.


- Reduces sinus pressure

- Helps reduce puffiness and fluid retention around the eye area

- Defines the cheekbones and jawline

- Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, sculpts the neck line, smooths and lifts the face leaving a glowing complexion at the end of the treatment

- Helps to release emotions held in the face

- Helps to reduce stress as well as migraines, sinus problems, insomnia and teeth grinding

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