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Zone Therapy

'Charbec's treatments are not only good for your face, but also great for the soul. It is healing, relaxing and drains the lymph. You benefit from the essential oils she uses at the same time as relaxing with a sublime facial massage that leaves your skin radiant, de-congested and de-puffed. You are deeply healing your system, relaxing and flushing all toxins accumulated in your face from food, pollution and daily lifestyle. She doesn't just have the technique, she is also super sweet and kind'.

- Mariana

'I encourage anyone I meet to go to Charbec for a facial treatment that I can only describe as heavenly and extremely effective at lifting and brightening the entire face. During her 90 minute treatment, I am transported to another world due to her divine personal aura and healing hands... I always leave her atelier not only feeling positive and happy but with my face glowing, plumped and dewy'.

- Anisha

'Charbec's reflexology facial is truly one of a kind magical experience, leaving you glowing and radiant from the inside out'.

- Marie

'The Zone Face lift is just a dream, as a sufferer of dry sensitive skin this puts all the moisture back in without irritation and the products smell divine. My puffiness is reduced and the glow lasts for days, not to mention the deep sleep! The whole treatment is so relaxing with the benefit of reflexology add in as well!'

- Sarah

'Charbec is the most incredible, talented person and I am so happy to have found her. The facials are beyond relaxing yet so effective. I always feel incredible afterwards and my skin the next day is super taut'.

- Gemma

'Best facial in London! :) Charbec has such a grounding and positive personality which really reflects in her facials as well. I feel deeply relaxed, recharged and leave with the most glowing skin every time I see her. Highly recommended!'

- Caroline

'Charbec's facials are dream-like. She is an expert in reflexology and is really passionate about health & wellbeing. She is very dedicated to her clients and will make you feel amazing during the treatment. Afterwards your skin will truly glow and radiate with lasting effects. I highly recommend her signature facial for an extremely relaxing and all natural experience'.

- Lisa


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